Spoofing & Phishing

What is spoofing: An attack that appears like a legitimate one that traps people to fall into their hands and gives way to steal confidential information or data.

  • Website spoofing is the act of making a fake, malicious website look legitimate and safe. For example https://bankofcyprus.com and https://bnkofcyprus.com (bank and bnk). So if you receive an email from the latter to login, your credentials would be spoofed.

  • Email spoofing is a threat that involves sending email messages with a fake sender address. To mimic the name and email address of a known contact. In somecases and once clicked, they unleashed a torrent of malicious software that infiltrated the corporations’ systems.

  • Voice Phishing Attack is any given voice which is artificially replicated using AI technology. So Michael as CEO calls Yannis his personal accountant at XYZ company to transfer a sum of 100k Euros to an account in Belize. Real Michael just lost 100k Euros.

Identity & theft

  • Dear Fund owner, We want to inform you that the International Monetary Fund authorized our bank to release your overdue contract inheritance payment fund amounted $2.5MUSD to you, Though the fund originated from Europe Asia from all the indications, the people in charge of your payment failed woefully to release your fund to you after all your efforts to claim it thus the IMF and UN decided to hand your fund over to our bank here in United States (Prime Offshore Credit Union) so it can be paid to you via bank to bank wire transfer or online banking depending the method of payment preferable to you. You are hereby warned to stop whatever communications you are having with a group of persons or persons in regards to your fund because they will continue to demand money from you with no fruition. Get back to us immediately for more directives with the information we shall be needing from you so your fund can be released to you via bank to bank wire payment or online banking which will enable you to access your fund and also transfer it from your online account to any bank account of your choice. Make your reply to ***** info_pcuofficecooperative@inbox.lv ***** Regards Mr. Griffin Derrick Head of Transfer Operations

  • To Whom it may concern We received an instruction from ECOWAS financial authorities in charge of debt reconciliation/compensation to remit your overdue payment sum of Five million, five hundred thousand United States Dollars to you. You are required to reconfirm your photo ID and Your telephone (whatsapp number preferably) to enable us start the processing immediately. Your prompt response will enable us effect a quick release . Robert Daniel Director, International Remittance

  • Hi.

    I work as a Private Investigator.
    Our agency received a case with an objective of hacking into your email, phone, cloud storage, network and collecting intelligence.
    We work with hackers from China for tasks like that, and they are the best. As you can see, they did a good job. Your accounts and devices are compromised.
    But we do have an ethical protocol in place.
    After checking the background of the person who paid for the hacking and investigation on you, I have decided to come forward and offer you to buy the information about that person (name, contacts, emails and other proof).
    You will also get a report on yourself (including a list of compromised accounts, devices, logs, screenshots, photos and documents).

    Normally, we do not disclose sensitive information about our clients, but in this case we will be.

    Upon reviewing this case, I found that something illegal was planned against you.
    The materials we have collected on you are very sensitive and can be easily used to blackmail you.
    We usually address personal and corporate espionage cases, but this case is different.

    We have received a prepayment of 50% for your case from that person (total agreed upon cost was 4500 USD).
    However, I will give you a discount (without any profit for the agency), if you decide to buy this information.
    Do not try to email me back. This is a throwaway address. I have to protect identity, because the nature of this job is illegal.
    After I get the payment, I will get back to you. You have 3 business days to make the transfer.

    We will process 650 USD payment through bitcoin. In case you have trouble with bitcoin, google how to fund it.
    Send BTC to this wallet: 1Aub5MNYucx863Z6YfnymUvWJF2F38EWyY

    It will be up to you what to do after you get the information. We will delete all files.
    The original client will get nothing and will never know about our deal.
    Please keep in mind, because I need to pay Chinese contractors, and if you decline this offer, I will have to go to the original client and send all intel to cover the costs.
    But at least you know that now and have a free heads up of what's coming.
    Take care and have a good day!

  • you have received 200,000.00 euro Social Relief Grant from European Union( E.U) in collaboration with Federal Government Program, for inquiry you are to copy and reply to this email: andersonspende4040@gmail.com

  • Dear Customer, Request to change your mobile number has been received.
    Your new number 07******265 will be active in 24hrs.
    If you did not make this change, cancel the request immediately.
    A one time passcode will be sent to your previous mobile to authenticate the request.
    Click here to cancel mobile update request.
    We are here to assist you anytime. Your account security is our priority. Thank you for choosing NatWest.
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